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WLBL spearheads local cleanup

[Press release] Windward and Leeward Brewery Ltd. (WLBL) in partnership with the St. Lucia Solid Waste Authority, St. Lucia National Trust and the Department of Fisheries embarked on a clean-up activity on June 27, 2018 along the Allan Bousquet Highway, near the Babonneau bus shelter.

The area was seen as a high priority of concern by all stakeholders as the garbage and debris accumulated in that area, filters directly into drains and rivers nearby, thus having a major impact on St. Lucia’s local environment.

“We have made global commitments to Brew a Better World through our business operations, but more importantly as a company that has been operating in St. Lucia for close to 45 years, we want to secure the environments in which we are operating. Especially as we know that Climate change is one of the biggest threats to society, we feel the responsibility for future generations to do all we can to protect our local environment” stated Oscar Garcia, Managing Director WLBL.

Throughout a 2 ½ hour time span, the team collected over 50 large garbage bags of debris which included foam food containers, plastic bottles, oil containers, cans, forks, straws, plastic cups etc.

“This clean-up campaign, ties directly into one of our key pillars of our brewing a better world strategy which is to protect water resources. In St. Lucia specifically, with regards to protecting water resources, we have made improvements in our water efficiency and usage at the plants and made significant investments in projects that can reduce water wastage, consumption and utilize sustainable practices in our homes and businesses and shared these practices with members in various communities”.

The company will be conducting more environmental activities in other communities around the island.

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