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Has Winfresh Ltd Gone Bananas?

Mon Repos banana farmers want answers from Winfresh Ltd who is allegedly rejecting their produce.


Joshua Surage and Vincent Norbert own and operate [respective] medium scale banana plantations at Fond Estate, Mon Repos [Quarter of Micoud]. Over 20 people are employed between them.

Of late, the farmers claim Saint Lucia’s major commercial agricultural purchaser and exporter – Winfresh Ltd has peeled away at the prospects for doing business, reportedly due to failing local harvesting standards.

Min. of Agriculture award to Fond Estate farmer Joshua Surage for successful implementation of Black Sigatoka Management [Treatment and Prevent] Project
Surage and Norbert say their plantations previously affected by Black Sigatoka were passed by the Black Sigatoka unit of the Agriculture Ministry in March. That’s reportedly in addition to receiving consultation on harvesting practices, allegedly by agents working on behalf of Windfresh Ltd.

It is important to note that Winfresh Ltd conducts its own farm assessments and is not obligated to conform to data from the Agriculture Ministry or any other agricultural monetary agency.

Winfresh Ltd, the farmers allege, continues to reject their produce. Earnings and the livelihoods of dozens of Fond Estate farm workers are in doubt. The Mon Repos, Fond Estate farmers are demanding answers from Windfresh Ltd.

Winfresh has not issued an immediate comment but, explained that the company is investigating.

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