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International day for elimination of Violence against women

WIA calls for reflection ahead of International day for elimination of Violence against women

(PRESS RELEASE) – As we get prepared to observe International day for elimination of Violence against women on November 25th 2017.

Women in Action calls on our nation to engage in reflection on our collective values – our relationships and attitudes to each other.

Our Caribbean societies built on the basis of strong bonds between men and women and indeed close knit families. Theses ties helped to nurture a spirit of interdependency, respect and love. Much of our success as a people was constructed on those social ties. It appears that our rapid assimilation into the modern and technological world has resulted in the abandonment of those core values which added quality and character to our lives.

The recent trend of senseless violence and resultant lost of life is a major cause for concern. Our women and youth are unfortunately the victims of this violence which has gripped our nation. The continuation of this trend will have the effect of eroding our societal support mechanisms and future prospects.

Indeed, women make up the  backbone and pillars of our families/communities. Our youth are often recognized as the care-takers of our future. Both of these social sectors must be empowered and strengthened if we are to be assured of a future of dignity. The resultant impact of continuing attacks and abuse against our women and the loss of the youth due to acts of violence can only render a chaotic and failed society.

The frightening prospect of such a future should force us to engage in an urgent process of introspection and strategy formulation. This so we can safeguard and salvage our future viability as a people.

WIA Action remains concern on the level of abuse and pain our women go though on a daily basis and strongly condemns this and any form of violence.   We are making an appeal to the wider society to protect and respect the life of women who are in fact the pillars of the family and society.

We need as a people to go back to teaching ourselves and our children the value of respect, tolerance and love.

We need to build more support systems for our women and youth. Programmes geared at inculcating: positive socialization, self-confidence and self-reliance need to be enacted in the short-term.

WIA supports recent plans announced by the Minister of National Security for the convening of Stakeholders to review the current situation and devise strategies to tackle crime in our midst. It is clear that crime is a societal problem which must be tackled on many fronts.

Our failure to surmount crime will only result in our quality of life being compromised. WIA stands ready to work alongside Government and other stakeholders to being about meaningful action and change. We all have a responsibility be brothers and sisters keeper.

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