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Who will be St. Lucia’s 2018 Laureate?

[Press release] Who will be St. Lucia’s 2018 Laureate? SLUDTERA would like to inform the St. Lucian Government, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and individuals, of the US$20, 000 cash prize as part of the 2018 literacy awards that are available as part of the prize for the UNESCO International Literacy Prizes 2018.

This year’s theme is ‘Literacy and Skills Development’.

Who are these awards for?

Individuals who promote literacy around the world will be awarded. This is an opportune moment to celebrate, recognize and shine a light on any St. Lucian organizations, institutions, or individuals, who have made outstanding contributions to the promotion of literacy in St. Lucia.


UNESCO distinguishes between two Literacy Prizes which are given to five laureates:

– The UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize (2 awards), was established in 1989 and is supported by the Government of the Republic of Korea. It gives special consideration to programs that focus on the development and use of mother-tongue literacy education and training. Read the statutes.

– The UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy (3 awards), was established in 2005, and is supported by the Government of the People’s Republic of China. This Prize recognizes programs that promote adult literacy, especially in rural areas and for out-of-school youth, particularly girls and women.Read the statutes.

Each of the prizewinners will receive a medal, a diploma and US$20,000.

Submission of Applications

All applications should be submitted to nominating entities, such as the National Commission for UNESCO in the country of the program, and in St. Lucia, the contact persons as listed on the website are;

President: The Honorable Dr Gale Rigobert
Secretary-General: Ms Marcia Symphorien
Saint Lucia National Commission for UNESCO
Address: Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development, Youth and Sports
5th Floor, Conway Business Centre
Conway, Castries
Saint Lucia
Phone: 1 (758) 468 5272/3/4/5
1 (758) 452-7286
Fax: 1 (758) 451-7633
E-mail: slunatcom@yahoo.com
National Commissions Website on unesco.org : http://saintlucia.comnat.unesco.org/
Year established: 2nd February 1981

Applications can also be submitted to an NGO that is in an official partnership with UNESCO. Applications can be submitted via the online platform.

Selection Criteria

All programs and projects must meet the selection criteria below, in order to be taken into consideration;

1. Relevance to the themes – The program/project is pertinent to the areas focused by the UNESCO International Literacy Prizes and the specific theme of this year.
2. Relevance to individuals and societal needs and robustness – The program/project is relevant to the individual and societal needs in a given context.
The program/project is robust and effective in its design, delivery, structure, management, monitoring and evaluation.
3. Quality of teaching and learning – The quality of teaching and learning involves interrelated dimensions such as the effectiveness, the efficiency, the equality, the relevance and the pertinence .
4. Impact – The ‘impact’ relates to both positive and negative changes made by a program/project, to beneficiaries, communities and broader societies. Changes include both intended and unintended ones demonstrated by qualitative and/or quantitative evidence.
5. Innovative features – The Innovative features are concerned with new/original ideas, solutions, approaches, methods, devices and perspectives or new ways of adapting traditional ones which can adds value and make a concrete impact.
6. Sustainability – Sustainability is regarding lasting benefits and impacts of a program/project beyond the life cycle of the current program/project.

This may involve the concrete activities of a program/project designed to ensure sustainability of its results and impacts, the contributions to enriching literate environments in which learners can acquire, use, sustain, and advance literacy skills and the availability of future plan.

In addition to these criteria, the project/program should:

– be ongoing and proven record of innovative work in the field of literacy for at least three years.
– have not been awarded the UNESCO International Literacy Prizes in the past five years.
– promote literacy through effective and innovative projects or programs.


The deadline for submitting applications for nominations is June 5th 2018 at midnight, Paris time.

The deadline for nominating entities to submit their nominations to UNESCO is June 17th 2018 at midnight, Paris time.

The nominations will be assessed by an independent International Jury, composed of six experts on the basis of the selection criteria above. Based on the recommendations of the International Jury, the Director-General of UNESCO will be select the finalists to award the Prizes on September 7th 2018 at the occasion of International Literacy Day.

Selection Process

Application and nomination process
Selection criteria
International jury
Frequently asked questions

Selection timeline

February: pre-Jury meeting
April: launch of the call for nominations
June: last date to submit online nominations
June: international Jury Meeting
August: announcement of the prize winners
September: award ceremony in Paris, France

Get the Jury members’ advice

During the entire period of application and nomination, in order to increase your chances to be selected as a Laureate, any candidate who wishes to ask a question to our Jury members regarding the selection criteria or what to indicate in their questionnaire, will be able to do so. Please leave us a message at: “> literacyprizes@unesco.org(link sends e-mail) and the Secretariat will convey your message to the Jury members. Please indicate in the subject: Get Jury members’ advice.

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