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WASCO blasts ‘fake news’ on phoney tarrifs

[Press Release] The Water and Sewerage Company Inc. WASCO has categorized as fake news social media claims suggesting that new tariffs have been applied to customers.

The publication which has been making the rounds is a copy of the rates which customers currently pay. These rates were approved in 2012 by the then National Water and Sewerage Commission which is now called the National Utilities Regulatory Commission following a triennial tariff review.

The rates applied in 2012 were however extended to 2015 and are due for review in 2018, but no approval has been granted by the regulator for any increase.

WASCO wishes to stress that the company cannot on its own, without approval from the NURC and in consultation  with all stakeholders, apply any tariffs on customers. In fact, according to Section 81 of the Water and Sewerage Act:

(1)The Commission shall carry out and complete a triennial tariff for a triennial period of at least sixty days before the end of that triennial period.

(3) The commission shall prepare a draft report of the triennial tariff review stipulating the new tariff scheme or the modification of the licensee’s tariff scheme including the tariff structure and the level of tariffs which is required to be applied or generate the required revenues for the service licensee to enable it to fulfill its obligations during the subsequent three years or remaining term of its license, whichever is shorter; and shall publish the draft report in the gazette and at least two newspapers.

(4) The Commission shall consider the comments made by the public pursuant to subsection (3) and shall make changes to the report as it sees fit.

Therefore Wasco wishes to categorically deny the implementation of any new rate, and views the circulation of the proposed new rates as fake news that aims to cause distraction and discomfort to our valued customers.

Wasco officials are currently in the process of applying for new rates to the regulator however, no decision has been taken regarding rate adjustments.

Any customer who wishes to verify any rates currently utilized by WASCO and given since 2012, can feel absolutely free to contact the NURC, situated at Sans Souci to substantiate the above information.

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