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I want a Deputy Speaker

Is the Member of Parliament for Soufriere Herod Stanislaus tipped to fill the  vacant Deputy Speaker slot in Parliament?

Questions abound following a recent trip to the United Kingdom by a Saint Lucian delegation that included Speaker of the House of Parliament Leonne Theodore-John and other officials at Parliament Office.

The Soufriere MP was not available for comment on the U.K Parliamentary workshop reportedly facilitated by members of the (UK) Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

Both sides of the aisles have stubbornly remained mum on electing a Deputy Speaker of the House – a post that has been vacant since 2016. The Opposition mainly points to convention for disallowing its members to take up the Deputy Speakership. Previously, MP for Castries Central and government minister Sarah Flood-Beaubrun resigned from the Deputy Speaker post to run the External Affairs Ministry. The House Speaker dispelled reports that the Soufriere MP is due to take up the Deputy Speaker position. Listen below.


Conversely, the House Speaker affirmed the need for a Deputy Speaker.

“I want a Deputy Speaker. There needs to be a Deputy Speaker.”

The House Speaker also offered comment on the U.K Parliamentary workshop on April 25th stating the visit was, ‘very exciting’. Leonne Theodore-John herself has come under scrutiny for various controversial rulings in previous Sittings of Parliament.


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