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VH ICU nurses complete OKEU medical enhancement training

[Press Release] Nurses attached to the ICU unit at the Victoria Hospital participated in a two day medical enhancement training which forms part of the commissioning programme of the Owen King EU Hospital.

The training was conducted by medical personnel from the University Hospital in Martinique.

With three departments of the Victoria Hospitals (VH), Renal, Physiotherapy and Outpatient now transitioned to the Owen King EU Hospital (OKEUH) other departments and units are gearing up to do the same. From April 19th to 20th nurses from the ICU Unit at VH were engaged in medical enhancement training lead by Dr. Dabor Resiere of the University Hospital in Martinique. Nursing Director at VH, Ruth Regis-Adesanya explained the thrust behind this training.

“In the transitioning efforts to the Owen King EU Hospital it was recognized that apart from the construction and the physical bits, there was need for training so that the standard of care that is delivered would be in sync with what in within this new facility. So the government of St. Lucia made an arrangement with the University Hospital of Martinique for training in a number of areas and intensive care nursing was one of these areas.”

She added that two previous components of ICU training were conducted at the University Hospital in 2016 and 2017 with up to 12 nurses benefiting from intensive ICU training.

“And today we have the third component of that training. So it has been a programme that has been ongoing, ensuring the development of our staff and the capacity building to be able to function more effectively within the Owen King EU Hospital and at Victoria Hospital, as we continue to provide service from there.”

ICU Consultant at the University Hospital in Martinique, Dr. Dabor Resiere said for the past ten years his hospital has been engaged in a programme of medical cooperation with St. Lucia and Dominica to offer the best in medical care in the area of ICU. He was indeed pleased with the level of training of the St. Lucian nurses.

“We think that our nurses here have a good level of education and what we try to do is to bring new innovations in ICU training, with more new procedures in order to harmonize the management of our patients. Whether you’re in Martinique or St. Lucia we want to harmonize the management of our patients.”

Ward Manger in the Intensive Care Unit at VH, Nurse Natalie Preville benefited from the previous training opportunities in Martinique. She had high praise for the level of training received which she is convinced will benefit clients of the ICU.

“If our clinical practices improved, then certainly we expect to outcomes for the patients to be improved. Additionally in the system which we put in place to facilitate our best practice at the ICU then we also expect not just for patients but for their families that the experience that they have with us will be improved.”

Dr. Resiere and the University Hospital came in for high praise for the level of cooperation and training provided to both nurses and physicians and for assisting with the setting up the required systems at the OKEU Hospital.

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