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VFCCCC Hosts Another Anti-DSH March

The Vieux Fort concerns citizens coalition for change held another demonstration in protest over the mega DSH pearl of the Caribbean Development Project.
The interest group marched through the streets of Vieux Fort and the areas earmarked for the large-scale development.
They were joined by two opposition MP’s who have vowed to increase pressure on the UWP administration to have the agreement revised.

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  1. It’s amazing how ignorant and easily influenced the PM Allen Chastanet is. The Chinese show him a pretty picture and he believes all the nonsense they tell him. As far as he is concerned the people of the south do not matter.He is giving away their beach, recreational area, stadium, agricultural station, choice land for farming and expansion of the town of Vieux-Fort without consulting with anyone in the South.

    The people of St. Lucia need to stand firm and run this man and the clown Guy Joseph out of office.
    When they succeed both Chastanet & Joseph can take jobs shoveling horse dodo for the master developer – Teo Ah Khing.

  2. This whole thing is so bizarre. A chinese horse race casino hotel in vfort and the complete destruction of the maria”s. WTF is going on here.

  3. all labour so not a worry ,

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