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UWP Gov’t highlights 42 “Major things”

Press Release:

The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) has outlined 42 “major things” done by the Allen Chastanet-led Administration since assuming office 11 months ago.

The list was published on the OPM’s official Facebook page around midday today, May 11.

1)Reduced Unemployment to 20.1%

2)Secured exports for Bananas to England and France

3)Reopened the Forensic Laboratory

4)Introduced a Tax Amnesty period until 2018

5)Lowered VAT to 12.5%

6)Reduced the cost of Vehicle Licenses by 50% of the increase

7)Freeze on Property Tax for 3 years

8)Target Amnesty on Hospital Bills

9)Doubled the School Transport program

10)Doubled the School Feeding program

11)Appointed a Director of Public Prosecution

12)Commenced work on the Canaries bridge

13)Commenced work on the Thomazo bridge

14)Signing of US$2.6 Billion project in Vieux Fort

15)The establishment of a Hospitality Training School which has already trained 150 young people and placed them in jobs

16)The commencement of the expansion of the cruise ship berth at Pointe Seraphine to accommodate Mega Cruiseships from 2017 onwards

17)Deferral of VAT for manufacturers on imports to improve cash flow

18)Made CIP program more competitive

19)Increased support for farmers by 109%

20)Signed Deal with Ojo Labs in Vieux Fort to establish an Artificial Intelligence Call center in Vieux Fort to employ 100-300 persons

21)Developed a Master development plan for Vieux Fort

22)Developed a Strategic Plan to reopen St Judes Hospital

23)Improved the Home Elderly Care programme

24)Developed a Medium Term Debt Management strategy

25)Training of all Ministers and Senior Government officials in Good Governance. Only Cabinet in the Caribbean where all members are officially Chartered Directors!

26)First ever arrival of Thomson Airlines 787 flight bringing in 300 guests a week

27)Revamped Jazz festival to a Summer Festival to run from May to October

28)Revamped the Tourist board to reduce wastage and bad administration to make operations more efficient and effective

29)Provided support to affected farmers after the passage of Tropical Storm Matthew

30)Introduction of new treatment method for Black Sigatoka disease

31)The commencement of Dennery Watersupply Redevelopment project with support of the Government of Mexico

32)The Forestierre Housing Development

33)Developed a comprehensive plan for the rehabilitation of all schools

34)Commencement of Domaine Resort Development in Choiseul

35) Conducted an Islandwide assessment of all bridges and Developed a plan to maintain all bridges

36)Visionary Plans to Redevelop Hewanorra International Airport

37)Commenced work on a National Growth Strategy

38)Commencement of Agricultural Transformation project

39)The exploration of initiatives to reduce energy costs and reduce fossil fuel imports

40)Developed a plan to open the Owen King EU Hospital soon

41) Increased investor confidence

42) First-ever debt management strategy

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