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UWP Treasurer Nancy Charles

UWP Denies Affiliation with Vieux-Fort Coalition of Stakeholders for Development

An emerging civil society group calling itself the Vieux-Fort Coalition of Stakeholders for Development [VFCSHD] has announced plans to host a pro-government march supporting the ‘renewed interest’ for economic development in Vieux-Fort.

VFCSHD has published a May 16th press release inviting Vieux-Fort residents and the public to the march scheduled for May 17th in Vieux-Fort to promote, ‘support for…orderly, appropriate and sustainable development.’

Conversely, other Vieux-Fort advocacy groups who include; I Will Stand, Save Our Sandy Beach and Vieux-Fort Coalition of Concerned Citizens for Change [VF4Cs] have launched anti-government campaigns against the proposed Desert Star Holdings development Agreement.

The multi-billion dollar DSH deal include plans to construct a man-made causeway leading to the protected Maria Islands and reserves exclusive development authority over a reported 800 acres of Vieux-Fort land to one investor.

UWP Treasurer Nancy Charles

The United Workers Party [UWP] has scheduled its first public political meeting for May 17th and has welcomed / invited VFCSHD to join in. UWP Treasurer Nancy Charles has made it cleared to the press on May 16th that VFCSHD has no formal affiliation with the Party.

The UWP Treasurer did indicate some VFCSHD members openly support the UWP. Listen below.

The Main Opposition Saint Lucia Labor Party has also planned to host a national demonstration against various socio-economic policies by the UWP Administration on May 17th. Minority political organizations, the Organisation for National Empowerment [ONE] and, the Lucian Peoples Movement [LPM], along with the Concerned Citizens of Saint Lucia have pledged support for the SLP demonstration. 

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