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UWP denies ‘N’ word utterances, accuses SLP of sowing ‘seeds of discord’

[Press Release] The United Workers Party has issued a severe condemnation of statements made in the House of Parliament by the Member from Laborie, Alva Baptiste.

In what it describes as ludicrous, insultive, and a total fabrication, the UWP is shocked that Alva Baptiste would have the gall to accuse the United Workers Party of using the ‘N’ word when referring to members of the Opposition.

The UWP also expresses further shock that Alva Baptiste went further to allege that the Opposition was also referred to as “dogs” and “terrorists.”

The UWP wants to make it abundantly clear that at no time has any member referred to the Opposition with those words.

In fact, it is SLP members, and in particular the Vieux Fort South MP who referred to Hon. Guy Joseph of the UWP as a “poodle” and “coolie.”

We find it hypocritical and amazing that the member for Laborie, Alva Baptiste, is the one who has engaged in reckless statements in the past, along with his other SLP colleagues.

The United Workers Party calls on all Saint Lucians to condemn these baseless allegations made in our House of Parliament, and demands an apology from Alva Baptiste.

We are convinced that these continued racist and insultive comments made by Alva Baptiste were designed to sow seeds of discord in Saint Lucia knowing they were patently false.

The UWP views this as yet another attempt by the SLP to mislead the people of Saint Lucia by uttering blatantly false accusations in the hallowed chambers of our

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