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UWP Cry’s Foul Over Nomination Date Change

The political leader of main opposition United Workers Party Allen Chastanet contends that nomination day is two days too early.
A May 23rd statement from St. Lucia’s electoral department indicated that the day had been changed from Friday May 27th to May 28th.

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  1. Boujon Guiyave

    Chastanet and his UWP will cry foul about anything except when he sees an actual foul. That’s the actions of a party without a cohesive and carefully thought of and executed plan of action. There is no professionalism coming from this herd. If there was i’m sure someone in the party would have told him don’t make himself a pappyshow by putting on white rode making his appear like the old wizard Lucifer. The man is simply pathetic. He needs to grow up.

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