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UWP Chairman Wants New PM To Clear The Deck

United workers party chairman Guy Mayers is urging Prime Minister Allen Chastanet to clean house.
The UWP chairman is bemoaning the number of political hold-overs from the previous Saint Lucia Labor Party administration.
Mayers is accusing these appointees of impeding the progress of the new government.
He is adamant that it is time to go.

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  1. i just dont get it. why do politicians cry like babies for things they know must happen. political appointments will always be made on both sides, and contracts are either two or three years if you want you own politcal appointment then the next step is to pay off the one person you do not like and put in your own, its just that its going to be a giant cost because of the number of persons you will have to pay. stop crying

  2. So what is Guy Myers saying if you’re a supporter of the SLP you’re not supposed to be working when the UWP government is in power? This is madness and if this has to continue I foresee unrest in this country

  3. No he shouldn’t

  4. If the shoe was on the other foot this is exactly what would happen,they would put all UWP’S out. Mr Mayers I agree with you 100% and who don’t like let them put it in their pipes and smoke it. It is not victimization it’s call changing of the guards thanks kick them all out.

  5. We’re they just waiting to get rid of every one who they presume to be SLP….. what a shame

  6. I thought that there was suppose to be a no victimization policy by our government. I am wondering where are we heading when we take such positions? Will we displace / replace everyone whom we think supported the SLP?

    • There cannot be peace when this’s the thinking of Guy Mayers. Perhaps Mr. Mayers did not hear the GG’a call for unity.

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