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UWP: Catherine Sealys and Raise your Voice mislead the Public again!

Press Release:-  The United Workers Party is very concerned that Ms Catherine Sealys and Raise your voice continues to present false information to the Public in her quest to remain relevant in light of her failed march on International WOMENS day.  

Ms Sealys lost all creditably to speak on Women’s issues when she misrepresented to the General Public the purpose of a March on International Women’s Day that turned out to be a political attack on the government by know political operatives of the opposition.

Ms Sealy’s has done it aging by stating that there is an absence of an OBGYN at St Jude’s Hospital.  If Ms Sealy’s was interested in the truth, a simple phone call to the Director of the Hospital would have revealed that there is a resident OBGYN at the hospital with a second appointment before the Medical council for approval.  The Hospital also has two local doctors on call providing additional support to the OBGYN clinic.

This is a very concerning pattern that Ms Sealys continues to exhibit and her aggressive and callous attitude is a disservice to the cause of Women in St Lucia.

The United Workers party remains supportive of the work of Minister Isaac and wishes to commend the staff of St Jude’s Hospital for their hard work and sacrifice.  We urge Ms Sealys in the interest of transparency and fairness to call out the Labour Party on their Mismanagement of the St Jude’s reconstruction project that has left the people of the south without a functioning hospital for the 4.5 years of their tenure.  We can assure the St Lucian public that this United Workers Party Administration will deliver to the People of the South a quality affordable health service.

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