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UWP Calls on Labour Party to stop Working against the South

Press Release

Over the last several weeks and months the United Workers Party has noted with increasing concern, as the Saint Lucia Labour Party, in various guises campaigned against the much needed development in the south, in particular the DSH project.

Some of the language used by the SLP has been startling, calling for chaos in our beloved peaceful country, especially by the representative for Vieux Fort South.  Dr. Anthony seems to have learned little from the repercussions of his careless opposition rhetoric back in 2010.

Based on his most recent TV interview with the chairman of his party show host Claudius Francis, Saint Lucians can now be thoroughly convinced that all Dr. Anthony cares about are his own narrow political interest and not the people. By all he said during his interview last Friday, it seems clear that Dr. Anthony and his party are determined by any means to stop any development in the south hopefully to profit from the people’s misery.

Untruths, misinformation, deceit, confusion, flammable speech and disruption are all part of his arsenal and he couldn’t care less about the consequences. It appears that Dr. Anthony’s strategy is to put Saint Lucian against Saint Lucia and to benefit personally from the resulting chaos.  

The United Workers Party reminds Saint Lucians that Dr. Kenny Anthony has served three terms as Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, a total of 15 years in office and 20 years as the representative for Vieux Fort South. In that time he attracted not one investment to the south of the island and never delivered on the promise of “jobs jobs jobs”.  

The legacy of the Labour Party in the south is a dismal failure. They have overseen a south where unemployment levels have risen, where negative migration has increased and where crime has reached levels never seen before. 

We agree with Prime Minister Allen Chastanet when he said that “Kenny Anthony promised a pathway out of Bruceville but all he managed to build was a road into Bruceville.”

Within a year of being in office the United Workers Party Government has already been able to gain the confidence of several investors for developments in the south among them:

* The Pearl of the Caribbean Project 

* The OJO Labs AI Training and Call Centre 

* The continuation of Range Master Development in Black Bay 

We also saw the establishment of the CHTTI Training Institute for young people and we know that Government is working on the redevelopment of the Hewannorra International Airport. 

Never before in the history of our island has the south received this much attention and The United Workers Party calls on the Government to stay on course and not be deterred by threats from the Labour Party who continue to try to scare investors away. The Saint Lucian people must send a message to the Saint Lucia Labour Party that we will not allow you to stop the development of the south for your own narrow interests. History has shown that the Saint Lucia Labour Party always tries these same tactics in an effort to stop the progress of this country. 

The Government of Saint Lucia has already assured Saint Lucians that the DSH Project is at negotiation stage and that it will listen and has been listening to the legitimate concerns of the people. The Government has already amended aspects of the Framework Agreement which is evidence of the ongoing negotiations and changes. 

The United Workers Party takes the opportunity to thank Prime Minister Allen Chastanet for the useful information he shared about the DSH project on TALK with Rick Wayne last Thursday. The Prime Minister’s appearance on the programme cleared up several of the issues in the public domain.

The United Workers Party encourages the Government to press on in finalizing this agreement and continue to listen to the voices of the long neglected persons from the south.

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  1. What ridiculous nonsense are you guys peddling? The DSH agreement is a bad deal and places the livelihoods of many people in the South on jeopardy. Vieux Fort does not need horse racing and casino gambling. Where the hell will the the people get money to gamble with. Sandy Beach and Pointe Sable was designated as the recreationional areas for the people in the South, why would Chastanet include these areas in the agreement. Why should the Stadium be demolished. Don’t you think the South need the Stadium. Teo Ah Khing is taking the PM to the cleaners. All these valuable assets being sold to a broke developer for nothing and you guys are talking about jobs, jobs, jobs. How many St Lucians want to pick up horse manure? Is that a job. This government should get out of this deal ASAP. The developer should go back to Malaysia.

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