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UWP Administration Backpedals On Gas Prices?

The UWP administration is shifting gears on the cost of gas prices debate. Commerce minister Bradley Felix on Monday tamped down Prime Minister Chastanet’s June 12th gas price declaration.
The Saint Lucia Labor Party did not take long to pounce.

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  1. if there was hidden costs now that you are in office show what the SLP was hiding… expose the SLP… smh… lucians wake up

  2. gas prices was being reduced and they refused to bring down the price at the pump that was the reason for the demonstration .

    • You know how the price mechanism works. There is a time delay between the time the St Lucian consumer felt the change in the world market price of fuel. It works both ways – if the price goes up it takes time to take effect and vis versa. So with a little patience the reduction in the world price would have been felt in St. Lucia. St Lucians were taken for a ride a very smooth ride for that matter. Up to now they don’t know where they were or where they been. That is just a taste of the deceptive skill of Golden Balls.

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