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Universal Peace Federation-St Lucia Chapter “didn’t see any hate” at CARIFAM conference

Press Release:-The Universal Peace Federation-St Lucia Chapter is very surprised that the LGBT associations and Mr. Bennet Charles would speak of hate.

As an organisation that attended the World Family Congress hosted by CARIFAM on 17th and 18th November at the Johnson Centre, we didn’t see any hate for LGBT persons.

The discussions were about the importance of the family for a prosperous nation and discussions about the LGBT have been very marginal and when there were it was done respectfully and without hate.

There is a mountain of scientific research and study showing that children who grow in loving families succeed better at school, are more sociable and caring, have better jobs, are better paid and succeed better in their future marital life.

On the other side, this research and study also shows that poverty, violence and crime are often related to dysfunctional families.

So, in this regard, LGBT associations, you should appreciate and applaud that Hon. Guy Joseph, Hon. Lenard Montoute and Hon. Sarah Flood took time from their busy schedules to show their care and support about the importance of the family.

LGBT associations, if you want to be part of the debate for a better St Lucia, you should discuss the issues at hand and stop feeling hated or persecuted each time someone has a different opinion than you. Some people may think differently than you, but they are also St Lucians who love their country and want to see a better St Lucia.

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