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UWP Pro Kernisha Chrisa Flavien

United Workers Party Has New PRO

UWP Pro Kernisha Chrisa Flavien

The United Workers Party would like to announce Ms. Kernisha Chrisa Flavien as its new Public Relations Officer.

Ms Flavien a resident of the Dennery North Constituency is well known with her involvement in youth and community work and a calypsonian under the Sobriquet Lady K.

She is a graduate of the University of the West Indies School of Continuing Education Barbados in Property Management and Real Estate.

Kernisha is a product of the Aux Lyons Combined School and the Clendon Mason Memorial Secondary School. She also attended the College of Radio Broadcasting in Barbados where she completed a course in Mass Communication.

With a keen interest in politics and being inculcated in her from a young age, Flavien is indeed very enthusiastic about her new position. She will be enrolled for the new school term at the University of the West Indies Open Campus St. Lucia undertaking BSc. in Political Science.

Kernisha Flavien was a participant in the 2017 Youth Parliament session representing the Dennery North Constituency with the responsibility for Heritage, Culture and Creative Industries.

Ms. Flavien believes that this position of informing the public and liaising with the media and the work of the United Workers Party will prepare her for the future.

She believes that there needs to be an inclusive approach for young people to contribute to our country’s agenda and to have provisions made so the proverbial baton can be passed onto the youth, who will be holistically prepared to elevate the development of our country.


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  1. One of Richard Frederick women should burst her ass .

  2. It is saddens me to see the manner in which the UWP Party selects persons to form the UWP executive. Kernisha kerlina Chries Flavien should not be a PRO/Public Relations Officer. The Biology given about her is inaccurate. She did not graduate from Secondary School. she has been working at Helen IT/KM2 solutions. She worked at Pan American insurance and she was fired for fraudery. she was deported from the island of Barbados where she was a stripper. she prostituted foe her living.
    A Public relations (PR) is about managing reputation. In this regard her reputation is disgusting. Kernisha Favien is exasperating, she thrives on roro and maypwi. This is the worst ever. She has a problem with everyone. She spends most of her time interfering with people all over social media. She attacks innocent people. She makes people business her dinner.
    She was awarded a contract in the value of $19,490.42 to construct a Footpath in Aux Lyon Dennery. The work was not done to meet the requirement of the ministry. However she is well aware of the relationship that she shares with the Technician assigned for this constituency who is no other than Joseph George. Joseph George is a permanent employee of the Ministry of Infrastructure and also a Consultant in the Ministry of Economic Development Transport & Civil Aviation.
    Everything which was aired on Richard Frederick show is the truth. . There are many young persons who are intelligent and competent to represent the UWP in a professional manner to add value to the UWP party. Really Hon. Chastanet please revise this situation as you are loosing political mileage in this ongoing scandal. Kernisha is no other than a useless drama queen.

  3. smh. kernisha kerlina flavien was deported to st lucia from Barbados.

  4. UWP is in deep shit!!!!! #CallElections

  5. I know about the contract . She also slept with the supervisor of the Job from the Ministry

  6. lmfao At the comments not the biology. that girl don’t even have CXC.

  7. After that sati like roro.

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  10. worst ever

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