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Ubaldus Raymond, Unfazed Addresses Employers

Embattled minister in the ministry of finance Dr. Ubaldus Raymond last Friday vowed to leave his legal matter that involves a black mail charge against a young woman to his attorney and focus on matters of state finances.
Well it appears that he is sticking to his word.
As the leaked nude photo scandal continues to swirl, the minister is making good on his pledges to address local entities and on January 18th, he took the floor as the keynote speaker at a major productivity improvement workshop.

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  1. I don’t know why this man don’t do the decent thing and not drag the nation’s moral standing and just go. The young woman may be guilty of black mail but something went on between the two to the extent that she was able to take extremely compromising photos of him. In any case it is no longer about which is guilty or not. The question is can his judgement be trusted? His actions following the revelation speaks volumes about this man’s character which is his lack of respect to the public. This is the last thing we were expecting to see. What we are seeing there should have remained and consumed by you and your wife. The moral standing of all the denominations on the Island make no room for extra marital affairs. So Mr Raymond why can’t you save the nation embarrassment?

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