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Triple Homicide In Vieux Fort

New details are emerging from a suspected triple homicide near Bruceville, Vieux-Fort.
According to reports, there was a fourth occupant in the home raided by multiple gunmen in the wee hours of October 28th.
Officers from the south discovered the bodies of three men around 1:00 am.
Reports indicate that each of the men appeared to have sustained multiple gunshot wounds.
The police operation was affected after paramedics responded to a distress call.
Police have not released the identities of the shooting victims.
Sources at the homicide scene reported hearing a number of men demanding entry to the home. The gunmen, according to witnesses identified themselves as police officers before storming the dwelling home.
One victim was found under a bed, two more shooting victims were discovered in the living room area of the home.
Investigators believe that the fourth occupant, a woman escaped.
The criminal investigations department south have launched a full-scale investigation. The triple homicide has spiked the national homicide toll from 44 to 47.


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