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Tourism Minister Touts upcoming Food & Rum Festival, “historically, we are a rum drinking people”

Local authorities on December 19, rolled out the re-energized Food & Rum festival set to run from January 12 – 14.

The Events Company of Saint Lucia [ECSL] has reinstated and incorporated the previously shelved Food & Rum festival into the new Soleil Saint Lucia Summer Festival line-up for 2018.  Minister responsible for Tourism Mr. Dominic Fedee along with ECSL CEO Thomas Leonce and Executive Chair of the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority [SLTA] touted the benefits of the Food & Rum festival to the media.

Fedee contends that Food & Rum festival can further diversify Saint Lucia’s offerings in the tourism industry. The Minister went on to explain that rum is ingrained in Saint Lucia heritage and Food & Rum festival can further refine local culture that can add value to [SLTA] marketing efforts.

The annual Food & Rum festival debuted in 2006 and continued through 2008. The then Saint Lucia Tourist Board was forced to cancel the 2009 installment of Food & Rum festival due to scheduling and sponsorship issues. The Food & Rum festival resumed in 2013 and again in 2015.

Promoters have billed the ‘Food & Rum Festival’ as a “gastronomic event to attract the best chefs, wine connoisseurs, rum fanatics, and food critiques from not only across the Caribbean but internationally.”

The Soleil Food & Rum festival 2018 will also feature the inaugural Caribbean Rum Awards in partnership with Caribbean Journal.



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