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Top Cop Urges Community Cooperation On Sex Crimes

Sex crimes committed in the home are among the hardest to detect – so says commissioner of police Severin Moncherry.
He suggests notwithstanding law enforcement strategies, cooperation between the police and the public is vital.

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  1. The thing about st Lucia The laws are never fully enforce. What about social services What role do they play in st Lucia, In fact do children know That they can report the situation to the teachers or the Police

    • The Truth is Max IPod I have never seen The social services Visit our school I do not even know what is social services and what they stand for is there a Free phone number to call them Maybe they might be poorly funded By the Government As you know there are cut backs to everything, I am only a eight Grader I am waiting for My dad to bring me my X-BOX ONE and a pack of jelly Beans, I sleep with my teddy Bear every night Gee he feels so comfortable

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