The tax amnesty rolled out in October 2016 will end on February 28th, 2018. The Inland Revenue Department is issuing its final call to companies, employees, business and property owners to take advantage of the initiative and settle outstanding taxes.

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  1. Don’t forget the MOA has ZERO leadership qualities to support diversification of Agriculture; bit by bit CARDI will be in control of Trinidadians who is already deeply embedded with politicians to arrest the agriculture sector. In short imagine from the 17th century where Agriculture is our backbone we need in the 21st century the Mexicans and Asian to come teach us about Agriculture. Can you really phantom how degrading our politicians us looks with our fort parent’s hard work without zero salary?

  2. This is why we will remain 3rd world country along with small mind thinking, only a few will excel while our taxation system allowed corruption to happen and the small business and hardworking citizen have to finance it generation after generation.
    1. Under the SLP & Current administration they support inclusive resort there by cutting out many small businesses that used to benefit wholesomely from guest and spending, that has cut out by 85% guest revenue.
    2. All hotels enjoys 15-20years in some case it might be a life time tax exemption, which these hotels abuse beyond words, collected service charge etc etc and do not held accountable for it. Within the hospitality industry exist a dirty formula that evade taxes.
    3. We the small business and hardworking people have to pay the ultimate price for the atrocities our politician and taxation allow.
    4. Nobel Laureate Walcott said “politicians in the region more so his country is under serious political prostitution” HE IS RIGHT!

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