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Taboo brings you Quest for Avifauna

(PRESS RELEASE) – From inception, Team Taboo has always sought out to challenge the status-quo, by making the Carnival Band, its products and overall experience, a beautifully designed trio.

And without further ado Team Taboo officially launched their highly anticipated costumes for St Lucia Carnival 2018.

“QUEST FOR AVIFAUNA” highlights some of the world’s rarest and most exotic winged and feathered species.

Avifauna (ay-vee-forr-nuh) is the scientific terminology used to describe birds of a particular region. TABOO explores the theme of birds through the lenses of an ornithologist. Each continental region is explored for the most sort after winged creatures, in hopes of discovering something never before seen.

Apart from highlighting the rare natural beauties, the theme also emphasizes the societal concern of preserving wildlife. By reflecting on the birds’ wild beauty and their symbolic significance to regional cultures, TABOO is able to emphasize the motifs of “eco-friendly social development”, “appreciation and respect for otherly beings”, and “geographical education”.

Follow our docu-story of Johnny, The Ornithologist, as he traverses the world in search of an extraordinary hybrid bird which he falls in love with. This unidentifiable hybrid avifauna (half human, half bird) cannot be shaken from his thoughts and thus, he works effortlessly to find her again.

Not forgetting this moment wouldn’t have been a success without the unwavering support of our Sponsors namely: Piton, Ifete.net, St. Lucia Distillers, Netshop, Hardest Hard Rest. & Bar, Carnival Haven, Jaeylu Designs, Slaughter Arts Media, Baywalk, Peter & Company Distribution, and also C&M Touring Services.

Taboo Carnival invites St. Lucian, regional and international revelers to experience their portrayal for Saint Lucia Carnival 2018.

Dare to be different. Dare to be TABOO.

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