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Junior 'Danny' Duncan

Suspected Suicide Attempt at Bordelais

Junior ‘Danny’ Duncan

Sources say Junior ‘Danny’ Duncan an inmate of the Bordelais Correctional Facility [BCF] reportedly attempted suicide on June 30th whilst in custody.

Previously, on June 29th, Duncan and two other inmates were reportedly involved in a violent altercation at BCF prompting action from the Special Operations Response Team [SORT] to disburse the dispute.

Junior Duncan, BCF sources say, was armed with a makeshift weapon that measured 16-inches. Another inmate identified as Travis Lionel was also armed and reportedly, together with Duncan, the two inmates launched an attack on Donaldson Joseph.

Travis Lionel

A SORT officer discharged one round of ammunition that struct Duncan in the shoulder after failed attempts, which included pepper stray, to defuse the standoff. Duncan’s  injuries were treated at BCF and requires prescription medication as part of his medical recovery. 

It is believed that Duncan deliberately attempted to overdose himself on the medication. BCF authorities reportedly intervened and sought further medial care. The inmate is said to be recovering in custody at BCF.

Duncan, Lionel and Joseph are all ‘high-risk’ inmates, held in maximum security lock-up.

Bordelais Correctional Facility

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