A 16-year old fifth form student enrolled at the Corinth Secondary School has been suspended for bringing a firearm on school grounds. The teacher at the center of the incident, already under pressure from authorities in the Education Ministry, could also face criminal charges for giving the gun back to the student after he reported that an ‘item’ from his bag went missing. School officials disclosed to News4orce on January 21st that the teacher says she believed her life was at stake.

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  1. So first of all this is a mess. The student would play a “what are you all talking about game” where is the evidents. The teacher did make attempts to get assistance but she was advised to do what is best and secondly the police came the next day. Keep the dam teacher out of it, you all failed her.

  2. That doesn’t make any sense. First of all that story is pure bullshit and missing parts. You see a student with a gun, you took the gun for the whole day and then you’re worried about safety. The first thing was to alert the authorities and the teachers so they can be aware and handled the situation for the safety of the school. Why suspend the student. Why not hold him in the school until the police arrived? Trust and believe if the police were called ASAP they would of come instantly. Why suspend one student when two were involved? Why didn’t that teacher take a picture for proof? Everything is just a they say, she say.

  3. Dont blame the teacher at all…where is the rest of the story..there are parts missing…like where the teenager is from..and who asked her to hand over the weapon back to the child

  4. It seems the teacher did what was best if is the next day the police got on the scene 🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. Oh stop your crap!!!the teacher did what she thot best.if I were a teacher I wud do the same.what could the police have done to protect her or any of the other students and staff had she reported the item???in st Lucia???nothing wud hv been done.everthing is a fucking joke in this country.so many guns in sure the police know about…what makes this 1 so special?dnt use the teacher as a scapegoat!chps

    • Your life at risk….why you taking the gun …ou pa pes police…..teacher should have approached the situation more intelligently…I would have never let him know I saw the gun….and then I calling the cops…..how dumb can you be…u put yourself in this compromising situation….now both you and the lil indiot in problems….

      • Initially she was unaware that it was a real gun. It is only when she really got a look she saw what it was and was threatened!.

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