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Starkey Hearing Foundation targets Saint Lucia

PRESS RELEASE – On the 8th of May 2017, The Ministry of Health welcomed a group of representatives from the Starkey Hearing Foundation to Saint Lucia.

The  foundation was founded by William Austin in 1984 with the objective of  providing the gift of hearing to those most in need.

Meanwhile, Kirk Richards, Starkey’s International Development Director for the Caribbean Region said, the Starkey Hearing Foundation has provided hearing opportunities in Latin America, Asia and Africa, however they have moved their services to the Caribbean, making Saint Lucia their first target.

In addition, The Director said, a number of collaborating partners have provided them with the assistance to execute their mission efficiently and effectively.

The Director also noted that issues associated with hearing may range from ageing to simply listening to loud music. He said once individuals start losing their hearing; it is not something that can be corrected, so he encourages the youth who are listening to loud music, to turn it down.

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