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Stakeholders review draft bill

GIS:-Parastatal Representatives and Legal Drafting Experts Came Together to Discuss the Proposed Bill.

A draft Parastatal Bill was presented at a recently held consultation facilitated by the Department of Legal Drafting.

The bill explored issues of corporate governance and finance in parastatal entities, along with the function of the Parastatal Monitoring Department, and was facilitated by the Director of Legal Drafting, Gillian Vidal-Jules. The consultation engaged parastatal stakeholders from 30 agencies, and allowed them to review and discuss the draft bill.

One participant who applauded the discussion was BELFUND Manager Camille Paul.

“I’m hoping that we focus on the policies that will assist us in improving credit at the BELFUND,” she said.

Cabinet Secretary Benjamin Emmanuel said the legislative review was essential for the Parastatal Department to function efficiently.

“This really is intended to have discussions on the draft bill that will establish the regulatory framework within which the department will operate in relation to the various parastatal entities. So we’ve brought a cross section of parastatal representatives together along with the legal drafting experts to discuss the proposed bill,” he explained.

The consultation was held on June 20 at the Bay Gardens Hotel in Rodney Bay.

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