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St Jude Hospital responds National Workers Union

St Jude Hospital is disappointed in the National Workers Union who chooses to release, through the national media, correspondence sent to the hospital’s management, without first allowing the organization the courtesy of providing a response.

This decision is a clear attempt to embarrass St Jude Hospital into a position of submission without due process. St Jude hospital views this action as old style trade unionism, old style bullying tactics that goes against the principle of good faith and fair exchange.

The main area of concern for the National Workers Union involves the reclassification of workers. The hospital’s position on that matter has been clearly communicated to the union.  

St Jude Hospital acknowledges that the reclassification exercise is necessary. However, a reclassification program has far reaching financial implications which cannot be approached without the involvement of central government.

St Jude Hospital further states that matters of an industrial nature are best resolved at the negotiating table rather than in the public domain.

The management of St Jude Hospital is prepared to meet with the National Workers Union to address all union issues.

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