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Spectra Upgrade Guide

STB Upgrade Guide

Tune your box to CHANNEL 4 after which you will see a dialog box indicating that a software Upgrade is in progress. DO NOT POWER OFF THE BOX WHILE THE UPGRADE IS IN PROGRESS.  You will see the  following screen:

spectra 5

Following this you will see a message indicating that the STB will reboot in order to upgrade as seen below:

spectra 2

After the box reboots it will perform an OTA (Over The Air) upgrade by downloading the software and installing it unto the box. The status of the upgrade will be indicated at the bottom off the screen :

spectra 3

When the upgrade is done the Box restarts and comes to the AUTOSCAN screen as seen below, use the down arrow keys on your remote to scroll down until “Search”  is highlighted, then press OK on the remote.

spectra 4

The STB will now scan through the different frequencies and a list of the various channels will be displayed on the left side of your screen and you will receive a message indicating that the search is complete as seen below:

spectra 5

Press The OK button on the remote to exit the search complete dialog Box then press the EXIT Button on the remote three times to get back to your television Screen.