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South Castries Youth and Sports Council condemns the sex video involving school children

(PRESS RELEASE) – On the weekend of January 12th, 2018 a video was posted to social media depicting school children engaging in sexual acts.

In the video, a young man appeared to be assaulting a young lady dressed in secondary school attire while prompting her to open her mouth to perform “fellatio”. The video was recorded by a third party, and someone else was attempting to touch the young lady’s private parts. It is unclear exactly how many young people were present at the time of the recording, but there appeared to be more than three other persons.

The South Castries Youth and Sports Council would like to state unequivocally that we do not condone such behavior. We are even more disturbed at the fact that these acts are being committed by individuals appearing to be young people of secondary school age. We are calling on young people to be more responsible with their behavior.

What the video depicted was not only unethical but criminal, and it is of utmost importance that young people understand, that participating in criminal behavior at such a youthful age, sets the foundation for a career behind prison walls. Those individuals who record and promulgate these videos for amusement and sport, should be cognizant of the fact, that they are also part of the problem.

We do not condone abuse of any kind especially when it involves young people attending schools in our district. We know that matters involving young people can be delicate, but we are appealing to the Vulnerable Persons Unit, the counselors from this educational district to render justice and psychological help quickly in this matter, and is urging the members of the public to be more sensitive to the children involved and their parents, and cease from continuing to share this video on Social media. Let’s all do our part to help save our young people.

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  1. action speaks louder than words

    this isnt the first time this happening in our country all youll do is beat ur *** and after a few CASE CLOSE .. we need an intervention quick ..

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