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Soufriere Hospital set reopen in August

[Press release] The month of August has been earmarked for the full reopening of the Soufriere Hospital following the forced closure by the recent fires at the facility.

The Soufriere Hospital was officially handed over to the Ministry of Health and Wellness one month ago following the second major fire at the facility on December 2nd 2017 which damaged a small section of the hospital.

Assistant Principal Nursing Officer, Tecla Jn Baptiste noted the effect the disruption in services has had on clients from Soufriere and environs. Primary healthcare services were relocated to St. Isidore’s Hall while urgent care services move to the Etangs Wellness Centre. She was happy however to relay some positive news.

“Presently rehabilitative works are being undertaken in preparation to restore services at the hospital. A cleaning company has been contracted to provide deep cleaning services and to ensure that all debris is removed. Electrical works and retrofitting are also happening simultaneously all to ensure that the hospital is in a state of readiness to return services to our valued clients.”

Officer in charge of the Soufriere Hospital, Alicia Alexander said clients within Soufriere and environs will soon see the return of maternal, women and child healthcare services, medical clinics and pharmacy services at the hospital. She thanked the clients for their patience and understanding over the past months.

“By extension the department also wishes to thank the parish of Soufriere for allowing access to the St. Isidore’s Hall allowing primary healthcare services could continue.”

The scheduled time frame and scope of the project was explained Monty Emmanuel, Engineer with the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

“The works are currently being done in two phases. We’re doing the Primary Health Care phase of the works first. Were projecting a month for completion of the PHC phase and return the services from St. Isidore’s Hall back to that section and the works will continue for maybe another month and a half for the remainder of the facility. So by the end of August all services should be back at the Soufriere Hospital.”

Both staff and clients of the Soufriere Hospital keenly anticipate the reopening of this facility.

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  1. Why was it necessary to go through all of this and to spend all of this money to repair of all
    places, a Hospital? the rash of fires in the State is not done by kids. I believe it’s political,
    an all out effort to make this present administration to look bad. It wont work. To the contrary
    it will have the opposite effect because people are not that stupid; they know who the players
    are and why, and what is at work, it’s very evil. Their target is obvious, you hear it everyday.

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