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SLU’s Ambassador In The US Wants Action On Venezuela

Saint Lucia’s Ambassador in Washington says the Organization of American States (OAS) must maintain its reputation through decisive action on the crisis in Venezuela.

As Venezuela spirals downward, the OAS convened a special meeting of foreign ministers from the region to discuss the escalating crisis.

The meeting followed president Nicolas Maduro’s announcement in April that Venezuela will withdraw from the OAS, and comes amid a growing frustration among member governments about worsening conditions, amplified by government actions.

Ambassador Edmunds was part of a special public panel discussion on the humanitarian crisis and what the OAS promoted as strategies to chart a return to democracy amid growing violence.

Ambassador Edmunds says most OAS member states realize that this situation has gone on for too long and that something must to done to end the unrest in Venezuela.

He says however that the OAS is doing what it can within its limits.

Other speaks at the discussion were Mark Fierstein, a former senior director of western hemisphere affairs at the OAS and Francisco Toro, founder and editor of the Venezuelan chronicles.

The discussion was moderated by Jackson Deal, deputy editorial page editor at the Washington Post.

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One comment

  1. This reminds me of two events in history; the first was the invitation of the US to restore peace, as some saw it, in Grenada and then again some saw a military intervention was needed in Libya to stop Qaddafi murdering his people. In both instances the military action was at the behest of some organisation which the invaded countries belong.

    Those who followed these events are in no doubt of the real reasons behind these interventions. In the case of Libya has moved from a place where the people enjoyed a relatively high standard of living to one where the people have no life at all. The only thing functioning is the oil industry which is in the hands of foreign oil companies.

    Its been a while outside forces have had their eyes on the natural resources of Venezuela. Their attempt to take over the country through a coupe failed. Since that failure their strategy has been to wage a silent coupe. Perhaps the forces behind these efforts are getting impatient and so what we see is yet another attempt to force a regime change in a sovereign country by outside forces through the use of a regional organisation. Lay off Venezuela Ambassador Edmonds. It is not to say the situation here is better than in Venezuela.

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