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SLP consults membership on “Party Values and Principles”


The Saint Lucia Labour Party has commenced a series of consultations with its membership on Party Values and Principles with a view to adopting a Values and Principles Statement at its next Annual Conference in October this year.

These Values and Principles are expected to reaffirm the Party’s core values of Bread, Freedom and Justice, but reshape the culture and image of the Party as a modern and model political organization that when in power will influence the creation of a more progressive and just Saint Lucian society.

The discussions are slated to be held in all seventeen (17) constituencies, the first of which already concluded in the Castries East Constituency on Saturday 21st April, 2018 which was moderated by Hon Dr. Ernest Hilaire, Chairman of the Values and Principles Committee.  The consultation was well attended and there was lively and frank discussions on the issue of Values and Principles.

The concept of a Values and Principles Statement was initiated and announced by Political Leader Hon Philip J. Pierre during his address to the annual conference in October 2016, and is aimed at creating a more distinctive identity for the Saint Lucia Labour Party as an organization with a more inclusive and progressive plan for the development of Saint Lucia as compared to the United Workers Party.  

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