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SLP condemns PM ‘reckless and appalling statement’


[Press Release] The Saint Lucia Labour Party notes with concern the prime Minister’s comments on an article carried in the ‘St.Lucia Loop’ on Friday April 27th 2018. The Prime Minister is quoted in that article as follows: “But what I see that’s taking place, this level of terrorism that’s taking place in this country, is to suggest that our government needs to be limited in what options it has. The Labour party lost its ability to determine that direction on June 6.”

The SLP strongly condemns this reckless and appalling statement and the Prime Minister’s arrogant reaction to the urgent and legitimate concerns of not only its members but a growing number of Saint Lucians.

In fact, it is the actions of the Prime Minister, his cabinet and the UWP which can be more closely associated to terrorism on the people of Saint Lucia.

The prime Minister should consider that:

1) His UWP government has since July of 2016, almost two years ago stopped work on the St. Jude Hospital Reconstruction Project and as a result of the conditions in the Stadium people ate literally dying. A fact which was confirmed by medical professionals.

2) Priority has been placed on a horse race track instead of the healthcare of our Saint Lucians.

3)  His UWP has betrayed our people and intends to hand over our OEKU Hospital to a foreign company.

5) His government has brutally cut social programmes that were meant to help disadvantaged Saint Lucians.

The Opposition will continue to insist that the Prime Minister accounts to the people of Saint Lucia, he must respond to the growing chorus of panic by Saint Lucians who are worried sick about our health crisis. No threats, no name calling and no grand standing by the Prime Minister will cause the Saint Labour to cower.  

The SLP will make a more comprehensive statement next week.

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