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SLP Calls Out UWP Leader On Alleged Clash

The election campaign is in full-swing with a raft of allegations and counter allegations between the two established parties.
A group of young men in Castries South is now accusing UWP political leader of hurling obscenities at them, simply because they disagreed with him on policy.
The men say Chastanet cursed them after they opposed the UWP’s “5 to stay alive” plan.
It’s a charge Chastanet declined to comment on when pressed by HTS news4orce at a press briefing on Wednesday.

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  1. The money is going to come from tourism and from tax implemented on manufacturing sector and over seas aid i think that Allan will do good by st Lucian’s what you need to fined out is job creation as you know there is 49% unemployment in this country so fined out what jobs will he create in st Lucia, life is killing the poor man yet the poor man still vote for this star people what we need is work for all job creation most of us are here on the block wasting time smoking da ganja and drink da white rum shit do not work like that yet we vote for Mr politician for a f*&king t-shirt and a piece of dry chicken yes Mr politician i will vote for you and crime is on the f*&king high if we vote lets vote for the good of the country more jobs getting reed of vat and tax all crap lets vote to make st Lucia better if there is work then crime will come down take note and most of you all who is just on the block smoking da ganja and doing na ting will have money in you pocket because of job creation

    Allan has my vote

  2. where the F*** is the money going to come from ..?

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