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  1. A lot of illegal things happen here in st lucia. Just like a man renting a property on st Louis st to chinese that’s not him property and he has no permition to do so. The owners passed the family Don t know of the property belonging to them because the thief renting it for himself and pockets all the money.

  2. Simple saint lucia everything takes forever the whole system is just a let down they can`t run a piss in a pot a passport has to take eight to ten weeks they whole bar system is a complete let down sad man

  3. It happened to me twice. Same answer from the bar association.

  4. Good for you for going to the press. Sadly this sort of unprofessional service is all over the system. Why should you be patient after all this time? Your business should be dealt with as a matter of priority. Don’t give up.

  5. this isnt something new, sad though

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