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Security Minster Reacts To Alleged Rape Case

The national security minister Phillip La Corbiniere concedes the police force is facing an uphill battle in the fight against crime.
There is mounting concern over a rise in alleged sexual assaults.
Last week two teenaged-couples were allegedly forced by bandits at gunpoint to engage in sex acts at a popular park in the middle of the city.

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  1. Biggest jackass minister i have ever come across…between this fool and Alvina, i dont know which one is more disconnected from the portfolio they carry…I can never vote for the likes of this party again…what a DISAPPOINTMENT

  2. Edgiest Harrison

    La Corb, the worst SLP security minister in St.Lucia history. He in my view is part of the problem and has no clues for the solution. When the SLP wins the next election I hope that even though La Corb is one of Kennys friends he will for the benefit of the island sack this incompetent unelected minister.

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