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National Security Sen. Minster Hermangild Francis

Security Minister lauds public in wake of deadly city shooting

[Press Release] Minister for Home Affairs, Justice and National Security the Honourable Hermangild Francis on Friday, June 1 took the opportunity to thank everyone who assisted in providing first aid in the aftermath of a very violent flare – up on Peynier Street, Castries on Tuesday, May 29, 2018. The incident left one dead, and others suffering from gunshot wounds. The injured included one student.

Minister Francis took the opportunity to especially thank two fourth year medical students who came to the assistance of the injured who were lying about the sidewalk unattended for a short while, before the medical services arrived.

Minister Francis said: “Today on behalf of the Government of Saint Lucia, I wish to recognize these two elective students at the Victoria Hospital, Mr. Samuel Walton of Bournemouth and Matthew Carter of Newcastle. They are fourth year Medical students of the University of Birmingham who happened to be in the area at the time. According to eyewitness reports and reports of local medical personnel these young men were instrumental in attending to the injured before medical professionals arrived on the scene.”

Minister Francis also reiterated his full support for efforts being made by the City Police and the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) to keep the city safe.

Minister Francis also expressed concern that random acts of violence are being perpetrated in the midst of innocent citizens going about their daily lives. This he described as completely unacceptable.

“I wish to commend regular citizens who assisted and I also commend our city police, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force and the emergency responders.

Since the incident we have also learned that two visitors to our island were also on hand to lend assistance. Unlike a lot of negative things which go viral on the internet, we were pleased that a photo of two young men helping the wounded received such a positive response”.

The medical students who leave the island on Saturday June 2, having completed their internship at Victoria Hospital indicated they were very honoured to render the assistance that they have been trained to carry out. They appealed to the public to have the confidence to assist others in times when they can, in order to save lives.

Tokens of appreciation were presented to the medical students.

Meantime, Minister Francis who leaves the state on government business over the weekend has expressed concern for the ailing student who was a victim of the broad daylight shooting. The Minister wishes the student speedy recovery and will follow-up on her recuperation upon his return to island soon.

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  1. We have Laws on the Books; the problem is, we are too damn soft on idiots. It is my belief, that
    if you kill, you damn well have to be hanged. In shooting someone who did not die, but the intent
    was to kill, or otherwise hurt, maim, sometimes cripple for life, you will spend a generation in Jail. If you continue to babysit these criminals, most of whom are ex-prisoners, you got a hand
    full of problems. I’m all for Hanging, only as a means of stopping this madness on the Island.
    You may not like me for this, but I would like return of the Lolobeff to whip some asses when a
    youngster falls out of line. If that don’t do it, then I give up. Obey and abide by the Law says the FOX.

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