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Pastor Alexander Biscette

SDA Church Takes on ‘Wall to Wall Cover Ups’


The Seventh-Day Adventist Church wants to make it clear that it is not engaged in covering up misdeeds at its schools. The Church has issued a rejoinder to an article published in the weekend’s Star Newspaper, entitled ‘Student Sex Tapes and Wall-to-Wall Cover Up.” While it did not name the SDA Church, a press release issued by the Church on Monday August 8th sought to defend the its schools and distance itself from the article’s allegations.

The St. Lucia Star’s weekend headline stated that parents are concerned about sex tape cover-ups and security at local private schools.

It did not name any institution and the teachers and parents quoted remained anonymous.

It did however speak of one of the schools ‘church-appointed board’.

It was enough to draw out a response from the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, which this week sought to distance itself from the article and allegations from its interviewees.

The article concerned parents who list grievances that include a high rate of teacher resignations and unsupervised classes, leading to transfers to the public education system.

And there are the allegations of sex scandals – they range from sex on campus being filmed and distributed to reports of group sex. The interviewees say these continue to be swept under the carpet by school administrators. [Watch video]

On Monday August 8th, the SDA church issued a statement entitled ‘Response to Wall-to-Wall Cover-up.”

President of the St. Lucia Mission of SDA Pastor Alexander Biscette denied reports that the school has turned a blind eye to sex scandals.

The release also addressed the allegations of a high rate of teacher turnover, stating that it is not uncommon for young people to teach for a year or two before embarking on further studies or their chosen career.

The Pastor says no education institution is without challenges but the SDA Academy remains committed to delivering academic excellence in a spiritually charged environment.       

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