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Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, Castries Central MP for How Long?

Saint Lucia Minister responsible for External Affairs, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun on June 19th, sat on a special panel during an annual assembly for members of the Organization of American States (OAS) where discussions on various human rights issues topped the agenda. 

Minister Flood-Beaubrun expressed to the hemispheric panel, her views on the composition of the family – during which she indicated her tenure as “representative” for the Castries Central constituency has continued for “20 years”. Watch video. 

Sarah Flood-Beaubrun was first Elected Member of Parliament for Castries Central in 1997, serving until 2001. Flood-Beaubrun’s second stint as Castries Central MP began in 2001 but, came to an abrupt end between 2003/4 after falling out with the Saint Lucia Labour Party. She re-emerged as the Castries Central MP in 2016 under the United Workers Party.

Sarah Flood-Beaubrun tenure as an MP currently amounts to nine (9) years. 


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  1. Sarah Flood’s Beaubrun’s comment regarding her twenty years of central castries representation,refers to and includes, i am sure, her years during which she was not the elected MP for castries central.No doubt she would still have been regarded by her supporters as their representative and she also would act in such a capacity…active in her constiuency,
    as well as dealing with her constituents concerns etc … though, as i mentioned above, during the years when she was not the elected representative for central castries.That equals twenty years.

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