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Saint Lucian National Pleads for Life in Viral Torture Video,Venezuelan Captors Demand Cash Ransom

Scott Atkins, 18

An 18 year old identified as Scott Atkins originally of Desruisseaux has been identified in a viral torture video circulating on social media.

In the video Atkins can be seen bound at the wrists in handcuffs, wearing what appeared to be a blood stain shirt and pleading for his life with two high powered automatic machine guns pointed at his face.

Atkins begs his relatives to pay a ransome in exchange for his life and freedom. 

Scott Atkins reportedly left Saint Lucia in late January or early February 2017 and has been seen in Venezuela. It is unclear whether Atkins has any family ties or business links in Venezuela.

Atkins reportedly has not been back to Saint Lucia since and hadn’t been seen since the brutal torture video emerged.

The 18 year old calls out a name ‘Shawn’ in the video pleading for the individual to pay a cash ransom. Atkins complains of enduring daily beatings by his alleged captors.

Saint Lucia police are reportedly ‘aware’ of the Atkins torture tape.

No word on the physical condition of Atkins. 


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  1. St Lucia police are a load of pussy. They can only kill there own people and intimidate them. If that was a British person they would have gone over to Venezuela already back words-ignorant and judgmental.KMT

  2. Jah guide my mob…hope to se u home soon bro..!

  3. We are to judgemental!! I feel it for him and his close family… No parent or sibling should have to watch their family member being tortured like this…. To the person he keeps begging to give him his life back there is a God and he is not asleep! How can we sit by and judge whether this is fake or not? How can we sit by and make jokes about this? Regardless of his age and the lifestyle he chose yes it was wrong but we all like nice things and will do just about anything to get it but sometimes we are blind to certain things…. Do you truly believe this young man would go on this journey if he knew the betrayal behind it?? Do you think he new that his cousin didn’t pay the dues in full? Don’t you think that he thought well just maybe his cousin would pay up so he would be free? SMH!! Stop judging and think outside the box!!!!!??

  4. God alone knows

  5. people that know joke ting u know ,the police quality is very low in saint lucia no technology know equipment no nothing just sitting down eating the government money.

  6. He wanted to live the big life ,now he is crying like a pussy,he no wat he was getting his self into,wen u dealing wit Venezuelan dey like to keep insurance in terms of human being ,wen who ever pay back the money he will be free to go,he made his choice, believing Shawn wud pay wat he owe ,but it back fire,wen u in drugs u have to expected de unexpected, u have to prepare urself for anything ,even dead ,drugs is a risky business,

  7. thats the type of life he wanted so he should have known about the consequences

  8. Desruisseaux Resident

    He’s already dead

    • Am sorry no mother should c they child suffer like that my heart go out to u my boy whether or not u alive lives wonders but go is not sleeping trust me ,we all not perfect beans we all take changes at servival ,he took a change and got bad out of it .life don’t gives any one ins .sigh just chose the rite ricks .

  9. and hts has re-named the community lol…close enough though

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