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Saint Lucia Shooting Association Results of Level 2/End-Of-Month Tournament

We the Executive and Tournament Committee of the Saint Lucia Shooting Association extend our heartfelt thanks for your continued support, participation and contribution to the SLSA Level 2/End-Of-Month Tournament 2017 held on Sunday May 28, 2017 at the Bordelais Shooting Range, Dennery. Our Tournament was indeed a great success. We have fun and laughter and like we have said and continue to say, Safety is of paramount importance. We continue to see a great improvement in sport shooters, to include the novice shooters, who continue to support the Association in its activities, training and tournaments.

We would like to say thanks to the following supporters/institutions:

  1. The Tournament Committee for the planning and implementation of the tournament headed by the Tournament Director/President Mr. Lennox Mondesir;
  2. The President/Saint Lucia Olympic Committee;
  3. The Minister/Ministry of Youth Development and Sports;
  4. Bordelais Correctional Facility;
  5. The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force;
  6. The Range Administration/Management Team;
  7. The Range Development Team;
  8. The Caterers;
  9. The Media;
  10. The Participating Shooters from the various institutions and clubs on island;
  11. Special invited guest;
  12. Spectators/visitors etc;
  13. The Executive and members of the Saint Lucia Shooting Association;
  14. Sponsors

Special thanks goes out to the Administration personal/ladies for their great assistance in the administration department on the tournament day. Our professional caterers who continue to provide the meals and drinks and assisting the Association in raising funds. The various organizations and persons who gave of their time and effort in support of the tournament. If I forgot any person or institution, special thanks goes to you as well. We encourage you to continue to support the Association.

We have seen the successes, competitive spirit and camaraderie in many of the shooters from the various shooting clubs/organizations who are committed to sport. Also the Saint Lucia Shooting Association who have created the sporting arena for activities such as this, to bring out sport shooters for the international scene.

Congratulations goes out to all the participating shooters, you have all done well. What a show it was and this was all done in a safe environment. Come one, come all to our next events.

We all have done tremendously well and we will continue to raise the standard of sport shooting in Saint Lucia. The Association is indeed very grateful for your support.

Once again, we are thankful for you for a job well done.

The results of the tournament are as follows:

TOURNAMENT CATEGORY 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Overall IPSC Match      
* Production Walston Joseph Adriano Richardson Trevor Lamontagne
* Standard Lennox Mondesir Al Ker Lionel Curtis Altifois
Overall Target Match      
* Production Adriano Richardson Trevor Lamontagne Walston Joseph
* Standard Arthur Scott Jonathan Mason Fadi Lioun
IPSC Stage 1 – Back Down      
* Production Walston Joseph Adriano Richardson Trevor Lamontagne
* Standard Al Ker Lionel Lennox Mondesir Jonathan Auguste
IPSC Stage 2 – Back Up      
* Production Trevor Lamontagne Walston Joseph Adriano Richardson
* Standard Al Ker Lionel Fadi Lioun Lennox Mondesir
IPSC Stage 3 – Back To Front      
* Production Walston Joseph Adriano Richardson Stuart Albert
* Standard Lennox Mondesir Curtis Altifois Al Ker Lionel
Target Stage 1 – P/Pistol (B&W)      
* Production Adriano Richardson Trevor Lamontagne Quincy St. Ange
* Standard Ian Henville Arthur Scott Jonathan Mason
Target Stage 2 – S/ML (FBI Q)      
* Production Adriano Richardson Trevor Lamontagne Albert and St. Ange
* Standard Fadi Lioun Al Ker Lionel Arthur Scott
Target Stage 3 – Bullseye      
* Production Adriano Richardson Stuart Albert Donald Rene
* Standard Fadi Lioun Lionel and Auguste Christopher Thakur


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