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Saint Lucia National Trust exploring ‘legal options’

SLNT convened an emergency meeting on April 25th to discuss new challenges

Saint Lucia National Trust [SLNT] called an ‘emergency national meeting’ to appraise members on emerging ‘challenges’.

Two government backed development proposals has garnered regional scrutiny in recent months. A multi-billion dollar development plan earmarked for Vieux-Fort, threatens swaths of fragile coastline and rare flora and fauna on the protected Maria Islands. And, a proposed dolphin park at the Pigeon Island National Park – designated a National Landmark in 1992 and home to historic, 18th century war relics has local conservation and environmental groups concerned.

SLNT promotes “Thanks but No Thanks” campaign

On April 29th the SLNT executive formally expressed their concerns to the membership and strategised on an action plan to achieve amicable resolutions on the proposed causeway to the Maria Islands as part of development plans by Desert Star Holding Ltd and, the construction of a dolphin park by Dolphin Cove Ltd at Pigeon Island. The SLNT manages about 25 heritage sites in Saint Lucia. The Trust maintains they are not opposed to socio-economic development however, [they] will seek an audience with the relevant authorities when economic plans threaten the integrity of those locations.

HTS News4orce was at the SLNT ‘emergency national meeting’ held at Pigeon Island and got comment from Trust communications manager Karetta Crux-Charles.


SLNT environmental concerns were further expounded when the Allen Chastanet led United Workers Party Administration eliminated an annual EC $700,000.00 taxpayer funded subvention to the Trust. Currently, the Trust collects revenue from two heritage sites; the Maria Islands and Pigeon Island National Park. SLNT executives previously told HTS News4orce, the defunding will impact operations.

“We’re discussing new funding initiatives and ideas that can be incorporated to ensure the Trust fills that financial gap” – Karetta Crux-Charles, communications manager SLNT.

The SLNT says all legal options are being explored.

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