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Saint Lucia launches Leadership Development Programme for national public service leaders

[Press Release] The Government of Saint Lucia has partnered with the Caribbean Centre for Development Administration (CARICAD) and the Caribbean Leadership Project (CLP) to launch a Leadership Development Programme (LDP) for senior leaders in the public service.

The first module of this LDP which focuses on Leading Self – Courage, Confidence and Authenticity will be held from March 19th -23rd, at the Government’s Training Department in Castries. It follows the virtual launch that was held on February 8, 2018 and precedes three other modules which will be held from April to July, 2018.

The overall purpose of this LDP is to support public service leaders in developing their capacity to contribute more effectively to national economic growth and public sector reform. In this regard, this cohort comprises twenty-four (24) twenty-four Deputy Permanent Secretaries/Directors and officers of comparable rank from various Ministries, across the public service.

The design of the LDP came out of the CLP, which is funded by the Government of Canada and executed by the Canada School of Public Service. Against this background, during this week-long module, the LDP participants will focus on developing a greater understanding of self, beginning with what awareness, competencies and strategies are required to develop, strengthen, recognize, appreciate and learn in order to provide effective leadership that serves a wider purpose. The LDP also includes executive coaching as a critical component of its design and delivery.

CARICAD has taken the initiative to spearhead this LDP, in light of the decision by CLP’s Project Steering Committee to house the CLP when it has transitioned into a permanent programme within that regional organisation. For further information about the Caribbean Leadership Project and the Leadership Development Programme, please visit our website www.caribbeanleadership.org or contact Mrs. Alaine Murray, Project Communications Officer via email at alaine.murray@caribbeanleadership.org. For further information about CARICAD, please visit www.caricad.net.

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