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Saint Lucia Amateur Swim Association Independence Swim Challenge a success

[Press Release] The Saint Lucia Amateur Swimming Association hosted its Independence Swim Challenge Sunday March 18th 2018.

The meet commenced at 10am and proved to be full day of competition in 34 events and medal presentations.

The meet started with a march pass and remarks from President Eddie Hazell welcoming the swimmers back to thet home of swimming, after an interruption for just over one month of regular training and competitive swimming due to pool repairs.

Once the swimmers of the Sharks Swim Club, Sports Academy, RR Swim Club, Lightning Aquatics, Southern Flying Fish and the Seajays Swim Club made their first dive they were ready to give their best!

Some of the highlights of the day were swims from 6 year old Zaina Brathwaite from the Sharks Swim Club swimming her personal best of 24.98 in the 25meter Butterfly, 8 year old Kaitlyn Holder of Southern Flying Fish swimming a personal best time of 2:11.77 in the 100 meter Breaststroke and 10 year old Malik Peter of the Seajays Swim Club swimming his best time of 1:50.12 in the 100 meter Breaststroke.

Other highlights of the day came from 14 year old Marisa Louisy of the Seajays Swim Club swimming a personal best time of 1:12.98 in the 100 meter backstroke, 8 year old Jayson Felix of Lightning Aquatics swimming his personal best of 24.40 in the 25 meter Backstroke and 10 year old Isabelle Esper from the Sharks Swim Club swimming her personal best time of 51.83 in the 50 meter breaststroke.

Many swimmers from the RR Aquatic made their depute in the world of swimming competitively.

The Carifta swimmers took to the water and swam hard with personal best times coming from Naima Hazell swimming 1:05.49 in 100 meter freestyle and breaking the only record set at the meet with 28.23 in 50 Freestyle.

Naekeisha Louis swam her personal best in the 50 freestyle with a 29.73. D’Andre Blanchard also swam a personal best time of 1:00.12 in the 100 freestyle and 27.47 in 50 freestyle and Jayhan Odlum Smith swimming a personal best of 55.29 in 100 meter freestyle. Their coaches will be working very closely with the Carifta Team in the upcoming days in an attempt to improve on weak areas such as starts and turns.

At the culmination of the day the Seajays Swim Club was victorious, winning the 2018 Independence Swim Challenge with combined scores of 809 points. The 2nd place overall team scores went to the Sharks Swim Club with 563 points, 3rd place Lightning Aquatics with 354 points, 4th Place RR Aquatics with 205 points, Southern Flying Fish with 182 points and The Sports Academy with 39 points.

The Saint Lucia Amateur Swimming Association is grateful for the assistance from the Ministry of Youth and Sports and other contributors to include Blue Waters and Windjammer Landing. The Association is extremely grateful to the swimmers for their patience throughout the past month and looks forward to creating a forum for increased competitive swimming throughout 2018.

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