[Press ReleaseResidents of Soufriere and Environs will from Monday July 30th once again receive Public Healthcare Services from the Soufriere Hospital.

Staff and clients of the Soufriere Hospital are today breathing a sigh of relief as Public Health Care services have now returned to Soufriere Hospital since fire destroyed part of the facility on 2nd December 2017.

Following the investigation into the cause of the fire by the police the hospital was officially handed back to the Ministry of Health and Wellness about two months ago. The hospital has undergone deep cleaning, retrofitting and electrical works in readiness for the reopening.

Principal Nursing Officer of the Soufriere Hospital, Alicia Alexander expressed gratitude to both staff and clients for their patience and understanding during the period which saw services move to St. Isidore’s Hall and Etangs Wellness Centre in Soufriere. She outlined the services which are now currently available at the Soufriere Hospital.

“Maternal and child healthcare clinics, medical clinic, pharmacy services, dental services and mental health care services are now available.”

Alexander advised that Urgent Care Services will remain at the Etangs Wellness Centre until late August while work is being undertaken to complete the A&E section of the hospital. Due to the two recent fires at the facility she said more is being done to ensure the safety of staff and clients.

“We have increased security measures as well as personnel in ensuring that both clients and staff are secured.”
Having been displaced for more than seven months, Alexander said staff were keenly anticipating the return of services at the Soufriere Hospital.

“Staff and clients are all excited to return back to Soufriere Hospital. We’re coming into a place which has been retrofitted, our walls are newly painted. We had cleaning services that did a wonderful job in cleaning the place. So we are all very excited and happy to be back at Soufriere Hospital.”

She noted that the Ministry of Health will inform the public when urgent care services will resume operations at the Soufriere Hospital.

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  1. I do hope that the reopening of this hospital sends a strong message to the ones who intended evil realize that, that which the selfishly ones hoped for, have instead returned as a blessing to
    the poor people of Soufriere. In their desperation to continue with evil, they will be caught.

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