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Rare disease in young boy scares teachers?

Louina Joseph mother of 9-year old Boaz Smalls claims her son continues to be unfairly treated at school. Smalls has chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis [CMC], a rare hereditary immunodeficiency disorder. CMC  is a persistent or recurring infection with Candida (a fungus) due to malfunction of T cells (lymphocytes). 

9-year old Boaz Smalls has chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis [CMC]
  • CMC causes frequent or chronic fungal infections of the mouth, scalp, skin, and nails. 
  • CMC may cause one or more nails to thicken, crack, and become discolored. A disfiguring rash may cover the face and scalp.
  • The rash is crusted and thick and may ooze. On the scalp, the rash may cause hair to fall out.

Boaz Smalls is presently enrolled at the Mon Repos Combined School. Reading from a prepared note, Louina Joseph told HTS News4orce on April 26th, after years of complaining to authorities at the Education Ministry, Boaz continues to be bullied by students and alleges school teachers are avoiding him in class. Listen Below.

Louina Joseph first reported her son’s issue to News4orce in 2015. Now, Boaz’s mother has appealed to the public for legal assistance for a possible courtroom showdown.

Louina Joseph: “I need an attorney to represent Boaz because we’re on public assistance”

Authorities at the Education Ministry have previously denied discrimination claims. Chief Education Officer, Marcus Edward referred News4orce to the Mon Repos Combined School for comment. 

Louina Joseph says she’s kept her son out of school since October 2016. 


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