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  1. He should be terminated immediately,we have to protect our children. Put that perv out of his misery now.

  2. Concerned citizen

    Back to de moon he gone!!


    This particular issue goes beyond the principal, as the misconduct has occurred on previous occasions. The individual in question was shielded not only by the union, but the ministry of education and the District education officer at the time. That the authorities allow a non repentant predator to hunt little girls and young teachers is bad enough, but the individual himself is a major supporter of a political party that he has claimed would never let him down. It is with a recent wind of change that this piece of crap has finally been caught and hopefully roasted at the steak. There are many more like him with various vicious histories of hounding little vaginal girls for fun. Hopefully he not only gets axed out of the teaching service, but is also prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The people whom he is close to at the upper echelons of the ministry should also be investigated as they in effect were promoting the destruction of our youth. Former ministers included.

  4. The fucker he like to much little children

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