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PRESS RELEASE: 10 ways to weather the 2017 hurricane season


Clear drains

Climate Change is inevitable.

This is evident with our changing weather patterns and increased weather conditions. Longer periods of drought, intense heat waves, more frequent and stronger hurricanes are all breeding grounds for earthquakes, landslides and flash flooding.

While we continue to take action to reduce global warming emissions we must also prepare for the unavoidable effects that have already been set in motion.

Here are 10 sustainable things you can do to be Climate Change Resilient this Hurricane Season!

1. Clear all drains near your home or business

Clogged drains are one of the chief reasons for flooding. Do not wait for drains to be flooded to attempt to clear them as this can prove life threatening.

2. Migrate household items

If you live in a flood-prone area, you may want to move some of your household items to an elevated part of the house or to another location, before the flooding starts.

Trim trees

Trim trees

3. Trim tree branches

Heavy winds associated with storms are strong enough to break tree branches. This can cause damage to property or loss of life.

4. Avoid construction or heavy activity on steep slopes

Loosening soil on steep slopes during the rainy season can encourage landslide activity.

Community effort

Community effort

5. Avoid landslide prone areas

If you live on a slope monitor for soil movement activity. Evacuate the area if you notice major or increased soil/land movement.

6. Drain stagnant water

Water trapped or stored during rains will remain stagnant after the season. Cover and treat stored water and look for possible trapped water around your home. Small puddles, roof guttering, flower pots, container covers, even plants are breeding areas for virus-carrying mosquitoes.

Secure animals

Secure animals

7. Secure Animals

Remove animals from flood-prone areas. Do not wait till they are swept away by
flood waters to attempt to save them.

8. Follow instructions and warning signals from the authorities

Sea level increases are not to be underestimated.

9. Stay informed

Contact your local disaster management authority ahead of the season to ensure you are on the right track to safeguarding your property and life. Listen for weather updates frequently.

Stay informed.

Stay informed.

10. Work with your community

Being climate change resilient is a community effort. Spread knowledge on climate change resilience practices and commit to action plans; it will not only benefit your neighbour but it can also benefit you.

While safety measures continue to increase people are still at great risk of tropical storms and hurricanes because they continue to intensify. Enter the Hurricane season prepared and be ready to put safety plans into action.

This list is not exhaustive.



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